Spring is here…is your pet ‘Spring ready’?

Spring has sprung and now is the time to groom your pet to remove the remains of its winter coat. You should also watch out for the hundreds of fleas and ticks that are organising their assault on your pets.

Step 1—Hair

Have you noticed the tumbleweeds of cat and dog hair wafting over the floor lately? It’s a sign that you need to get into grooming. At present, you should be grooming your pets on a daily basis to remove their winter coats. This will also help to prevent nasty hairballs, especially in longhaired cats.

There are many products on the market to make grooming fun: Kong Zoomgroom’s are the best, and have the added advantage that it massages your pet at the same time! Long-haired pets or those with thick fur may benefit from being professionally clipped. They will feel much more comfortable after the removal of their heat-trapping hair.

Step 2—Flea and tick control

Now that the warm weather is with us, fleas are on the prowl! Thankfully there is a large range of flea and tick control products available. These include ‘spot-on’ treatments, rinses or tablets. For dogs that go swimming or take a bath regularly, the tablets are by far the most effective.

Step 3—Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes spread heartworm disease, which can be fatal to your pets. Effective heartworm control is a must. If you have missed your pet’s heartworm preventative, contact us and ask for a heartworm test. If it shows all is clear, you can then place your pet on heartworm preventative medication.

Many dog owners are now using the Once-A-Year heartworm prevention, usually given at the same time as the annual check-up and vaccination.

Step 4—Shed the winter kilos

Many pet owners think that a bit of extra weight is not a concern. However overweight pets are predisposed to serious conditions, including arthritis, pancreatitis, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. So, if you think your pet is overweight, it’s time to talk to us and join our FREE Weight Loss Clinic program to get your pet in trim condition.