Grooming Services include:

  • Nail clipping for all dogs and cats
  • Clipping for those pets requiring sedation or a general anesthetic
  • Hydrobath


Whether it’s dirty, oderous, itchy or scratchy, a hydrobath can provide the solution to your dog’s fur and skin concerns.

However, to really understand how a hydrobath works, pet owners need to comprehend the intricacies of their dog’s coat and skin functions.

Dirt and debris bind to the natural oil layer on your pet’s coat and skin.  A shampoo will remove this dirt but it can also cause dryness and itching.

NWVS hydrobaths utilise prescribed, PH-balanced shampoos or medicated cleansers if dogs have a specific medical skin condition.

If your dog is troubled by fleas, control rinses can be applied as a separate treatment, usually after the hydrobath itself.  This prevents rinse chemicals becoming a “mist” which can be toxic when inhaled.

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