Nicklin Way Veterinary Surgery is proud to play an active role in our community, and generously donates our time and veterinary products and services to support worthy causes.

University teaching

NWVS contributes to the next generation of veterinarians by providing valuable experience through university organised work placement schemes.  We regularly train veterinary students from University of Queensland and James Cook University veterinary schools.

Work experience

School and TAFE students interested in the veterinary industry are able to complete industry based work experience.  If you are interested, please book in early as we can only take one student at a time.  Contact our Head Nurse at

Subsidised care for charities

NWVS provides subsidised veterinary care for:

If you would like to make a donation to these charities, please contact NWVS.

Injured wildlife

Free emergency care is provided for injured wildlife bought into the surgery, as well as wildlife bought in by rescue organisations such as the Twinnies Pelican and Seabird Rescue.  We also have a dedicated network of WILVOS to rehabilitate wildlife.

Stray and lost pets

NWVS takes in stray animals, and tries to reunite them with their owners by scanning for a microchip and working with the Sunshine Coast Regional Council.  Free emergency care is provided for injured stray/lost pets, such as Lucky