Referrals within NWVS

At Nicklin Way Veterinary Surgery we are very fortunate to have six veterinarians on our staff.  This allows us to easily access another opinion (or opinions) from within the practice if an unusual case arrives.

By utilising the wisdom and experience of the older vets, and the innovative new diagnostic and treatment options of the newer vets, we can provide comprehensive assessments from within the practice.

Referrals to NWVS

Through ongoing investments in continuing education, modernising our equipment and many years of experience in companion animal practice, NWVS accepts selected referrals of difficult cases from other practices.

We emphasise that we do not have specialists on our staff. If owners are willing and able to travel to specialist practices we will always encourage this.  However where travel is not possible we are happy to offer services in:

  • surgery
  • endoscopy
  • radiology
  • Ultrasound
  • Chemotherapy
  • Canine reproduction
  • AQIS pet export.

Referrals from NWVS

For difficult cases where the very best of expertise is needed we encourage referral to specialist practices on the Sunshine Coast as well as Brisbane.  These vets specialise in one area, such as dermatologists (skin), opthalmologists (eyes), radiologists (xrays, ultrasound, MRI, CT-scans) and surgeons, in the same way human specialists train. These vets have access to the very latest equipment and are highly skilled in their areas of expertise.