Note: If you are not a registered CCC(Q) member, please contact Nicklin Way Veterinary Surgery for prices.

We pride ourselves in being able to deliver a complete veterinary service for all your animals’ needs.  We have a purpose built veterinary facility with two operating theatres, and separate intensive care, dog and cat wards.  We use digital radiography, ultrasonography, endoscopy, rhinoscopy and our  in-house  laboratory to assist us with diagnosis of conditions.  In addition to routine veterinary procedures, we also perform complex orthopaedic and soft tissue surgeries, chemotherapy,  physiotherapy and acupuncture.  We are AQIS Accredited for live animal and semen export.  Our staff regularly attend seminars and conferences to remain abreast of recent advances in the veterinary industry, but most of all, we all love what we do, and your pets will feel at home here.

We offer the following general services to all our registered CCC(Q) breeder clients:
  • Puppy litter vaccinations at 6, 9 and 12 weeks of age:
    • C3, C5
    • We give C3 at 6 and 12 weeks and a full C5 including Intranasal Kennel Cough at 9 weeks.
    • (If you would prefer the injectable kennel cough instead, this means C5 at 9 weeks then again at 12 weeks)
  • Microchipping
  • 10% of all adult dog vaccinations and Proheart SR12 injections
  • 10% of all non-reproductive consultations, procedures and surgery
  • Hip/Elbow Scoring *
  • This includes full general anaesthetic, digital radiographs and scoring with Dr Makara
  • If you would like PennHip Scoring we can arrange this through North Coast Veterinary Specialists
  • Hip and Spine Scoring*
    • This includes full general anaesthetic, digital radiographs and scoring with Dr Makara
We offer the following reproductive services to all our registered CCC(Q) breeder clients:
  • Vaginal smears/vaginoscopy (to assist with Ovulation timing)
  • Progesterone assays (available 7 days per week with 2 hour turnaround)
  • Semen analysis
  • Artificial Insemination Fresh/Chilled (vaginal) first (includes Semen analysis and Mavic catheter)
  • Artifical Insemination Fresh/Chilled (vaginal) subsequent
  • Transcervical Insemination (TCI)
  • Pregnancy ultrasound
  • Radiograph for foetal numbers at 8 weeks gestation
  • Foetal heart rate (timing of elective caesarians)
  • Foetal heart rates and progesterone levels (timing of elective caesarians)
  • Elective Caesarian

Dr Doug Gray can assess your pet and provide estimates for:

  • Brachycephalic Airway Surgery – stenotic nares, soft palate resection, everted laryngeal saccules/tonsils
  • Cruciate surgery TTA (MMP)
  • Medial Patella Luxation Surgery (Ridgestop technique)