One of the hardest decisions to make, once you have decided to get a pet, is ‘choosing the right pet’ for you.  One of the most common reasons animals are dumped, re-homed, or taken to the pound is that they are NOT SUITABLE for their owner’s lifestyle and become a handful.  An excellent website to guide you in your decision Pedigree Select-A-Dog.  Simply answering a few questions will determine what dog is most suitable for your lifestyle.

Questions to consider before choosing a new pet

For your new little family member to ‘fit in’, and become a loyal companion, there are many factors that you need to consider:

  • Are you thinking dog or a cat?
  • Do you want an inside or outside pet?
  • Cats can live exclusively indoors and be very content indeed
  • If outside, then how big is your backyard?
  • Do you lead an active lifestyle?
  • Certain breeds of dogs require lots of exercise or they become destructive or try to escape.
  • Will your pet be a constant companion or lap dog, or be left alone for periods of the day whilst you are at work?
  • Behaviour problems can develop with certain breeds if they are left to their devices day in and day out.
  • Do you already have other pets?
  • Your 15-year-old cat may not take too kindly to being chased around the house by a new puppy.
  • Do you have children, and if so, then how old are they?
  • A large boisterous puppy may bowl toddlers over, or frighten young children.
  • Do you have time for grooming a long coat each day?  If not, then a Persian or an Old English Sheepdog is not for you.
  • Do you travel a lot?
  • Your pet may not take too kindly to spending every school holiday in a boarding facility.
  • What is your weekly budget?
  • The larger the animal, the larger the feed bills!
  • Often flea treatments, worming pills, and heartworm prevention, in addition to veterinary medications will increase according to the weight of your pet.
  • How much do you want to spend on purchasing your pet?
  • Have you considered adopting a rescue animal? 4 Paws Animal Rescue, SCARS and RSPCA all have healthy animals looking for loving families.
  • Are you aware that some pedigree pets have pedigree problems (eg, hip dysplasia, heart disease, breathing problems, eye issues etc)?

As you can see, being a responsible pet owner takes a lot of forethought.

Please contact the staff at NWVS for advice on 5493 2655, as we are more than happy to discuss any queries you may have.