Puppy preschool at Nicklin Way Veterinary Surgery is for puppies aged between 10—16 weeks (first vaccination required).

Why should you bring your puppy to school?  The first 16 weeks of your puppy’s life is known as the imprint state.  What you teach your pup during this time will shape its behaviour forever.  Puppy Preschool is for the whole family.  You will learn how to encourage good behaviour and eliminate the annoying ones.  All training is based on positive reinforcement.

Puppies who attend puppy school will learn how to….

  • Socialise and interact better with other dogs and people
  • Become more confident in themselves and their surroundings
  • Enjoy being part of the family and able to respect the boundaries set for them
  • Carry out the basic steps of command preparing them for obedience training
  • Have owners who are knowledgeable about puppy health and care.

Puppy Training Information

Puppy preschool at Nicklin Way Veterinary Surgery is run by Mercier Harvey who has over 20 years experience teaching puppy schools.  Mercier has a background in veterinary nursing and management.  Having a special interest in canine behaviour and management combined with a fun and interactive learning technique, her classes are always popular.  Mercier has also travelled the Northern Territory and Queensland speaking at veterinary seminars about creating and running puppy classes.  Mercier also joined the team from the popular television show ‘Totally Wild’ to shoot segments from her puppy school.

Where:Nicklin Way Veterinary Surgery
When:4 week course (Wednesday evenings)
What to bring:Collar and lead
First vaccination certificate
NOTE: do not feed your puppy before classes as food treats will be used for rewards during their training.
Want to enrol?Call Nicklin Way Veterinary Surgery on 5493 2655 to reserve your place.
Places are limited, so get in early!