Preparing Pets in Emergencies

Did you know that animal ownership was the number one reason for failed evacuations during the Queensland foods in 2011 and in Victoria’s bushfires?

Did you also know that when surveyed, animal owners listed “Local Vet” as where they would go for information on what to do during a disaster?

As summer begins to heat up, please take a moment to consider that our country is one of “Fires and Floods”, and with 63% of households now owning pets, we need to be prepared in the case of a disaster.

So, what do we need to prepare?…

Owner Task List for Flood and Fire Season

  • Update pet records (microchip register, council register, vaccinations, ID tags)
  • Prepare a Pet Evacuation Kit
  • Sign up to local emergency update sources to stay on top of alerts and messages
  • Take photos of your pets and unusual markings
  • Check tyres on horse trailers for large animal evacuations.

Pet Emergency Evacuation Kit

What do you need to have available at quick notice?

  • Leads, harnesses, muzzles
  • Food and water (3 days supply)
  • Bowls, spoon and can opener
  • Medications
  • Medical, ID records
  • Poo-bags, cat litter and tray
  • Cages, beds and toys
  • ID tags and photos.

Further information can be found on the Queensland Government website.

Qld Government Pet Safety Website