International Vet Nurse Day

Today is International Vet Nurse’s Day

Today is International Vet Nurse’s Day, a day to show appreciation for the tireless efforts of our wonderful nurses! Our nurses are so dedicated to our practice and are always providing the heartfelt, loving care that our patients deserve.

Our vet nurses perform a wide range of duties, just like the vets. They have a specialised skill set aimed at caring for animals in a professional manner. Our nurses keep their study up to date and are always interested in learning about new treatment protocols and medications.

Being a vet nurse is a tough job, it can be very emotional at times, there are many ups and downs. There is also always lots of work to do, so they are always keeping busy! Then of course they always need to keep things clean and tidy and help our clients, all whilst caring for our lovely patients. Without them our hospital would not function, so we really do appreciate everything that our lovely nurses do for us each and every day.

Show your appreciation by posting a message to thank our nurses, it means a lot to hear that you value their wonderful work.