Letters from you…

September 2018

Dear Mel, thank you for the care and attention you gave Roxy and your beautiful surgical skills. They were greatly appreciated! X Roxy’s family


Dear Nicklin Way Vets, Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all that you have done to help our cat Sunny recover from her dreadful injury. We couldn’t have wished for a vet practice who are so passionate, skilled, caring and understanding. From the moment I called Doug on that Tuesday evening looking for a vet to perform the emergency procedure, I felt that she was going to be in the best care possible. The daily phone calls, and the text message updates were very sweet and helped to calm our worries. Sunny has always been nervous and twitchy so it was important we took her to such a great vet. We really hope you take great pleasure and satisfaction in your jobs because everyone of you deserves all the credit you get. All the best, and we will update you on Sunny’s progress in future.


A thank you note from Inca

I loved to run on the beach and swim in the sea, I just loved having fun – that was me! I had a couple of besties – Reggie and Bella. They were smaller than me but we used to hang out and of course, we’d get out and about. Oh and guess what, I got my picture in the Daily talking to my cow friends, Corabel and Bailey. Dr Mel operated when a stick pierced my mouth. Lots of pills and potions helped me heal no doubt. Then last year I got the biggest fright when Dr Mel said to me I had pancreatitis!! She got to work and used all her skills. Thank goodness I had insurance to pay all the bills. I loved all the nurses – Belinda and Robin too. This is just to say a big THANK YOU for helping me through.



August 2018

To Mel, Doug, Jana, Belinda, Robin & all the Staff

We cannot ‘Thank You’ enough for the love & care that you have given to Bonnie over the last 12 years. The last couple of months have been very tough for us since finding out that Bonnie was sick. The kindness and empathy you gave her was amazing. It has been an extremely emotional few days since we had to say our goodbyes to our gorgeous girl. It truly was one of the hardest things we have ever had to do. ‘Thank you’ for allowing us to spend as long as we needed to be with her….that meant so much to us. She was one in a million & leaves a huge void in our lives. X with the fondest regards, Bonnie’s family


July 2018

Dear Doug. We thank you and Keira wholeheartedly for attending Tara’s home for her last treatment. We like to think that everything we did for her was for her comfort and not our convenience, which is why we asked you to come to her. As much as she received loving care at the surgery, going to it was a distressing and anxious time for her – hence the little sweaty paw marks on the examination bench. She could be a feisty and difficulty patient for you and the staff, well deserving her RED FLAG status! But we are sure you all understood it just to be her reaction to an alien environment. She mellowed in her later years, which would have been her understanding she was in caring hands. There is absolutely no doubt in our mind that her longevity was due in large measure to your brilliant idea of the Prednisolone paste treatment. She didn’t like the taste but we have no doubt she would have liked the fact that her vomiting episodes were pushed from every two or three days to every two or three months. In fact, we think she could make that connection between having the paste and her subsequent wellness. When administering the paste to Tara, not once did she hiss, claw or struggle – she was an angel. You and your team deserve the awards you have received for how you conduct your care of animals. We have said to each other on many occasions that we were blessed to find our way to your surgery. We are sure Tara would have concurred with that view. Thank you all so very much.


May 2018

Thank you to all the lovely staff at Nicklin Way Vet. I was very sick last week and you took good care of me. I feel a lot better now. My parents were very worried about me. Thank you for looking after me so well. Dexter


April 2018

All the lovely staff at Nicklin Way Vets, Thank you for the wonderful care you gave Sasha. She found hard but in the end she is now at peace. We miss her very much, but she will be forever in our hearts.


To Vets & Staff at Nicklin Way Vet Surgery. With many thanks for helping our little Angel, Sandy. Please keep her going and comfortable.


February 2018

Dear Dog and you special vet nurses, Thank you for the care you gave Milo and Bella over the years. Last Thursday was an especially hard day for me. Thank you for allowing me to say my final good-byes to my two babies in an empty office, the thoughful nurse who brought me boxes of tissues and a glass of water – which Milo drank! – a clown to the end. Doug, thank you so very much for allowing me to sit on the floor holding Milo in my arms until his passing. My Bella, as you said, trying to comfort me, by licking my arm. I think have the dogs put down has been the hardest thing I have ever had to do. I miss them every day, and probably will, for the rest of my days. Doug, I didn’t know until the other day that you also do charity work – on behalf of all the animals in your care, Thank you!  You are a special person. Thanks again for being so kind and compassionate. God Bless you all.


Dear Belinda & all the staff at Nicklin Way…Thank you so much for going the extra mile. Your caring, down-to-earth style of managing our furry friends is more than impressive. I loved being able to call up and say “It’s Max’s Mum’ and you all knew who I was. Awesome. Thanks guys.


January 2018

To Doug & the Team, Thanks so very much for looking after us. We feel so much better having been in your care. You guys are the best! Thank you, Daisy & Tamsyn


Thank you to everybody who helped me feel better by taking my teeth out. Love from, Keeley


Doug and all the staff at the surgery. We would like to send our heartfelt thanks for all the kind care and help with Chester on his many visits to your surgery over the years. Unfortunately we had to say farewell to our beautiful young boy last week. Once again, thank you all very much.


December 2017

To all the staff

Thank you so much so much for your care and love for our dog, Diesel. We really appreciate it!


Thank you all for your kind words of comfort; it means a lot to us. I still look for Lucky in the places he would sleep, or wait for his dinner at the foot of my bed in the mornings. He will always be in our “hearts’ minds’ “.


November 2017

Thank you so much for your incredible understanding and love when it came to our little budgie, Frankie. You made it a little bit easier for sure. We so appreciate the beautiful card that was sent. Meant the world.


October 2017

Yiassas from Greece  🙂 Please pass on our thanks to Dr Mel & Dr Doug for all their help in getting Diesel here. He’s loving Athens and the Athenians are loving him. He’s been patted and kissed by half the city lol. There’s a park at the end of the road and the hotel we are staying in is run by a lovely man who adopts senior rescue dogs. We can highly recommend Hotel Frida for any doggie travellers. We even get a terrace rather than a balcony because we have a dog. Quite right too. We head up to Corfu on Tuesday for our new life. Thanks again to everyone there for helping to make this possible.


July 2017

Dear All, Thank you so much for all you do for all my fluff balls and me. You guys are the best!!


Thank you to all the staff at the clinic for their kindness and compassion. Special thanks to Christina for the care she gave Dougal. Sunday morning he went downhill and it was time to put him to rest. He gave us such joy.


Thank you. Words cannot express how much we appreciate the love, kindness and support that you showed our Zara.


Dear Nicklin Way Veterinary Team, We would like to say a big thank you for the kindness and compassion of the staff during us saying goodbye to our loved dog, Lucy.


To the amazing team at Nicklin Way Vet Surgery, Thank you so much for all your support, advice and care for our Rosie. You have all been so wonderful to her and our family especially through the hard times. We will be forever grateful.. Thank you again.


June 2017

Thanks so much Dr Doug and your caring staff for the care over the 18 years for your treasured pet. Also for the thoughtful card you sent us after the passing of him. Kindest regards to you all.


To the whole team,

I’d like to thank you for the wonderful work you all do. You are all very considerate, kind & professional. I could not ask for more in the care of my special little creature ‘Gwen’. She is still going strong thanks to all of you. Forever grateful.


May 2017

To the Vets, Nurses, & Staff at Nicklin Way Veterinary Surgery,

We can’t thank you enough for the care you provided for Trixie during the past 13 years. Losing Trixie has been very difficult for us, she will be missed dearly and will stay in our hearts forever. No doubt you will see me again soon, even if it is just to come in to say hello. Thanks once again and regards.


April 2017

To Doug and all the staff, In memory of our “Shephard”. We so greatly appreciate all your loving work. You are compassionate, caring, thoughtful, and kind. Thank you all so very very much.


We have noticed all the extra things you do for your patients and wanted to say thank you. You go above and beyond. X


February 2017

To the staff at Nicklin Way Vets, we wanted to thank you for the care you have given to our family over the past 12 years, especially during this last couple of weeks while grieving the loss of our “first born”. During very financial times also, your commitment to him and his wellbeing never altered and we are forever grateful.


To Doug, Stacey, and all the staff, We as a family would like to thank you all for the incredible care and advice you have given to Rahnee and ourselves over the last 14 and a half years. We first brought her to you as a tiny puppy and you have looked after her for all of these years. Each and every one of you has shown true compassion, laughter, guidance and professionalism when needed. Rahnee was a huge part of our family and we are struggling to come to terms with her loss. We are holding close to our hearts all the wonderful memories we have of her over the years. Again a huge thank you and we wish all of you the very best for your futures. There are many fortunate animals who have you as their caring team.


Dear Megan and all the girls at Nicklin Way Vets. Thank you so much Megan for all your kindness and advice last Saturday, fitting us in on a very busy day when you were all booked. Your kindness and empathy will always be remembered. Many thanks to Dr Lucy and Jasmin and all the girls who made my Lucy’s last hours more comfortable with all of your love and care at this difficult time. I cannot believe my girl of 20 years has gone but thanks to you all it was made much easier. Love to you all. Elaine


Dear Doug & all the wonderful team here at NWV. We can’t thank you enough for all you have done for our beloved cat. Over the years you guys have looked after us, treating us above & beyond, & we truly appreciated it all. Nestles was was a true trooper… He filled such a void for us when we lost our dog & now we don’t have him around it’s very quiet! As you can imagine we’re missing our little Ginger man ever so much, especially at shower times. Thank goodness for all the wonderful memories we have of him. Many, many thanks again. Mark, Jillian & family


January 2017

To all the team at Nicklin Way Veterinary Surgery,



November 2016

Dear Christina and the team,

We just wanted to send a little note to say a huge thank you for all your care and attention for Nellie Burns over the last few years.

As you may have heard she passed away suddenly on Monday night after watching the supermoon rise at Coolum. We think she thought everyone came out to see her on her last walkies, there was over 100 people at the headland so there were so many tail wags!

Also on our last walkies with her to the beach on Sunday afternoon we couldn’t have picked a more perfect setting with a double rainbow and the most beautiful sunset we’ve seen in years. It really felt like it was meant to be and we luckily have a photo of this moment where she was sitting and watching the sky.

Once again we can’t thank you enough and were so glad we could have so many special years with our little Nellie.

Warm regards,


Nellie and rainbow   Nellie


October 2016

In appreciation for everything you did for little “Boo Boo” – Thank you so very much.


To all staff at Nicklin Way Vet Clinic.

Thanks for looking after me and making me better again.

Woof! Woof! Dash


To all the vets who worked so hard, and rang with updates.

To all the nurses who sent me photos, scratched her head, and took care of her. To the wonderful receptionists who put up with me ringing. This extra special thank you note sent to you today holds more appreciation than any any words can say…For you’re among the nicest people I have ever known, and you’ll never be forgotten for the thoughtfulness you’ve shown. Thanks for everything. Although it wasn’t the outcome we wanted, I am grateful to you for taking care of Carly.

All my thanks.


September 2016

Dear Mel and Doug,

Congratulations on reaching your Ten year anniversary of running such a great Veterinary clinic. I really treasure the time working with you and your wonderful team. Thank you so much for all of your support, help, teaching and enthusiasm! Here’s to the next ten years of future success!


To all the wonderful staff,

We would like to thank all the staff for your kindness & understanding regarding the passing of beautiful little baby, Bunnie. It has been very hard for us. thank you and God bless.


To Jana and the staff at Nicklin Way Vets,

We would like to thank you for your compassion and understanding during our final goodbye to our little ball of love, Ditties. Ditties was very well looked after by the staff there, in particular Jana, for some time now and we are very grateful for love and care she received.

Thank you for the card we received, it was beautiful!


To dear Dr Stacey & staff,

Thank you so very much for giving our Chilli the best possible care for her speying. We are amazed at her speedy recovery! No vomiting, eating well after 24 hours & no swelling/bruising.

Thank you!


Thanks to everyone who helped Zara get back to being the healthy dog we all love. I don’t know what I would have done without her!


To the Vets, Nurses, and all the staff at Nicklin Way Vet,

Thank you so much for a fantastic 2 week placement! I have learnt so much under your guidance and really appreciate everyone’s patience & kindness & willingness to let me have a go at things.

Take care.


To all the staff at Nicklin Way Vet,

Your loving care for our little man Buster is so appreciated. Your professionalism and sensitivity shown during Buster’s last weeks will never be forgotten. Your beautiful card and words are very comforting. Thank you all so much.


Dear Doug, Mel, Robin, Belinda, and team,

Thank you so very much for all of your support over the past 8 years with Tigger, Roxi, and of course, little Peanut. Mel and Doug, I will never forget the amount of care and attention that you both showed not only to Roxi but also to myself when she was going through her most troubling times and also Doug, when you took Peanut home with you to make sure she was ok. Belinda and Robin, thank you for always being there to immediately answer any questions and making being away from the girls as easy as it could have been. You are by far the best practice I have ever come across and I will find it extremely hard to find anyone near as good as you guys over here in the UK. We will definitely be back when we all move home one day.

All the best for the future and keep in touch.


Dear Melanie, Stacey, & Doug, Robin, Belinda, & Megan and all the nurses.

Thank you for the special care you gave over 13 years to my beautiful girl Hayman. With thanks, and love.


May 2016

Dear Doug,

A note of sincere THANKS to you & your staff for the caring and sensitivity extended when we farewelled Sally this morning. We came home & shared her with Harry before placing her in her favourite spot in the garden. Our tears represent the happy memories of Sally bringing in leaves & branches through the cat door for us as gifts. (Thankfully nothing that had legs or moved!!) You all do a wonderful job of helping us take care of our mates. Many thanks.


To Jana, Melanie, Doug, and all staff,

Thank you for everything you all did to help our beautiful BJ. It was very much appreciated. Thanks again.


April 16

Dear Stacey,

Words can not express our gratitude to you in your care, compassion, & understanding with your handling of our situation with Lily. You helped make one of the most difficult decisions easier to deal with. From the bottom of our hearts we thank you. You are a true credit to your profession.

Love & Best Wishes.


April 2016

Dear Stacey and Staff,

Thank you for the beautiful card and words for Jack. The words and rainbow are very moving & brought me to tears. We really appreciate all your work and care you give to both us & the doggies.

Best regards


February 2016

I miss my girl.

Thank you everyone at Nicklin Way Vet for looking after dear Afshan so well for almost 12 years. Your clinical expertise, friendliness, and kindness are exemplary. Thank your also for your thoughtful card at her passing. With appreciation.


January 2016

To Mel and the veterinary team,

I can’t say thank you enough for the wonderful care you have given to our little man Bilbo. He is my little white shadow as he follows me everywhere and I am so thankful that I have more time with him. All our thanks.

Thank you Dr Mel for your fantastic effort and work to get out little Bilbo back to his happy old self! I’m sure that you change the workplace into a better place for all people and pets.

Thank you again for helping Bilbo. (from daughter)



November 2015

Thank you…

…to all the staff here at the surgery that made our Dexter’s last days comfortable and for giving him the love we couldn’t at the the time and for all your care and compassion. It gave us comfort knowing he was in good hands. Our family is grateful for everything. Much love & respect.


October 2015

Dear Melanie & all the staff,

Just a note to thank you for looking after Basil, he truly was a great dog and we will miss him terribly, be has been part of the family for 14 and a half years. His walks at Golden Beach, rides in the car and his schmackos hunts at night will remind us of his quirky habits. Your wonderful treatment allowed him to spend an extra 14 months with us and will always be grateful for your dedication. Many thanks, Troy and Pauline


I would sincerely like to thank the vets and staff of Nicklin Way Vets for the care you took with my little dog, Sam. It was a comfort to know he was in good hands for me and my family. I do miss so much. Thank you once again, Yours sincerely, Rhonda


June 2015

A huge thank you Stacey…

…for all your care with Sparky. Can’t thank you enough for all your time and effort that you put into getting to the bottom of all Sparky’s problems & also for your concern and compassion shown to us. Also a big Thank You to Belinda, Megan, and Robin and all the staff. You are all truly lovely people. Thank you, Wendy, Neil, & Sparky


To the awesome team at Nicklin Way Vet Surgery, Your thoughtfulness was much appreciated as was your care and compassion in helping us deal with the sudden diagnosis and decision to put our darling Barney to rest. You people rock!! Best wishes, Suzanne and family.      PS I think we owe you a box of tissues too!!



I just wanted to thank you for your loving care of Kitkat while she was with me. I so appreciated all of the detailed explanations, treatment plans, options, and honesty you gave. You are the first vet who has made me feel able to make fully informed decisions concerning KitKat. Thank you for always taking such good care of my girl on her many visits in to Nicklin Way Vet. It was always a stressful process for both of us. I will forever be grateful for the extra time I had with KitKat. I am so glad now that I chose to keep her at home around the whole family on her last day. Thanks for travelling out and for your understanding. In such a difficult time, you made it that little bit easier. Love, KitKat and Chanelle


Our heartfelt thanks for all your support and efforts in looking after our Piccolo. Her life started as a 4Paws rescue kitten and you all contributed to her life of 7 and 1/2 years…boot camp and all!! XOXO Sharon and family



This past week has been an extremely difficult one for Gary and I. We came to you seeking advice and were given so much more. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support and thoughtfulness throughout this sad time.. Many thanks for the kind and gentle care you gave to Ava, especially in her final moments. She is much loved and missed. Very much appreciated, Gary & Robyn


Just want to say Thank You for looking after me while my Mum visits my Dad. It means a lot. Love, Penny


May 2015

To Doug and all the wonderful staff at Nicklin Way Vet Surgery,

Thank you to you all for taking such great care of me over the last 17 years. Thank you for making me better when I was sick. I loved all the pats and smooches you all gave me when I was in for the day. You have all been so wonderful to me, I just want to say thank youfor everything. Love, Chewy


Special thanks to Doug Gray…

for your care of Jack over the years, and support of us at this sad time. He was such a “boss”; we miss him telling us what to do. Best regards to all,

Margaret and Phil


May 2015

On behalf of my wonderful and precious Tuli I want to express my sincere thanks and appreciation for the love and support extended to my beautiful girl whenever she was there at the clinic. Peace, love, and laughter, Wendi


Dear Melanie, Doug, and fellow workers of Nicklin Way Vet Clinic,

Thank you very much for the professionalism while looking after Tanya’s Maltese, Benji, over the last 14 years. He was very dear to us and we miss him greatly. Thank you again for the care you gave him. From John, Mary, and Tanya


April 2015

Dear Mel & the crew,

A wee thank you message for the exceptional work and expertise shown on 28th March… The whole Lloyd family are still struggling without our precious little girl of over 8 and a half years, we miss her dreadfully, as the days float past the pain gets even more unbearable. She was and still is a special little treasure.. Once again a BIG HUG and thank-you to everyone.


April 2015

Dear Stacey,

Thank you so much for all you have done for our dogs – and for us!! You have held our hands through some very tough times and we can never repay you for your wonderful professionalism & kindness. We are  going to really miss you.

Helen, David, & Stuart Little  XXX


March 2015

Dear Mel, Doug, & all of the team at Nicklin Way Vets,

Thank you so much for the care you gave Jackson over his years at the Coast.  Above and beyond being his ‘Vet’ – you were his friends.  Even though he hated coming there!!  He actually welcomed you, Mel, when you did house visits.  🙂 Such a great dog; magnificent boy.  Sorely missed and in my heart forever.  There will never be another like him…

Penny & Pippa


January 2015


Thank you so much for looking after Saxon and giving us those extra years with him.  We just want to say thanks to you and everyone at Nicklin Way Vet, for the effort and care you gave Saxon.

Karen, Nigel and Blair


December 2014

Just two small words to express so much gratitude.

Many, many thanks for everything over the years.

Kind regards, Glenys


April 2014

To all of the wonderful staff,

A sincere thanks to you all for your fantastic care of Bella during her illness and for the compassion you showed to all of us at each and every visit. We will be forever grateful for the extra time you gave us. Bella was a blessing for our family and we feel so privileged to have had her in our lives. She will be sadly missed every day. If we are ever strong enough to do it again, we will return.

Fondest regards,Shane, Karen, Blake, Rheece, & Katie and Bella (26/7/04-03/04/2014)

PS Bella was born in your surgery, was cared for in your surgery, and we said goodbye to her in your surgery. Thank you.


To all the wonderful staff at Nicklin Way Vet,

Thank you so much for the wonderful care you gave to our family member Patch. Words can’t describe just how important she is to us and our gratitude is forever

yours.Brian, David, Pinky & Patch


Dear Stacey, Jana, & all the crew at Nicklin Way Veterinary Surgery,

Thanks so much for helping Ollie over the last 9 months or so. The little fella was very sick but with your expertise and support he enjoyed a high quality of life. You all do an amazing job, every day, in particular, your work for 4Paws.

Thank youFrom Dan, Cass, & T.J.


November 2013

Dear Mel,

Thank you so much for your time with us and Shadow last week and for remaining so incredibly calm. We really appreciate your care and support in what was a difficult and sad situation. We have great memories of our short time with Shadow and even though we are heartbroken we understand that he was not the right pet for our family. Our boys Kyle and Trent wanted to do drawings for you to say thank you for taking care of Shadow. We hope they make you smile. We are sure we will see you again in the not too distant future.

Kind regards,

Darren & Helen Lever


November 2013

Dear Mark and team,

thank you very much for taking such good care of me,

Love Dexter


Dear Doug, Mel, and the rest of the Vets and Vet Nurses !

Thank you so very much for looking after all our dogs. A special thank you for taking such good care of our beautiful Tonka. We miss her terribly and life isn’t the same without her. Thank you for your expertise, care, compassion, & empathy in her journey.

Love Chrisy, Luke & Bella


To Elyse, Nicklin Way Vet, & 4Paws,

Thank you for all the care and love you have shown Bunny through her time with you. We would especially like to thank Elyse for her care and compassion the past few months. You have done such a wonderful job in her upbringing. She is settling into her new home quite well. Benny is adapting well to Bunny. She is simply beautiful, gentle, and loving,

Janelle, Neville, Benny & Bunny


To dear Melanie,

thank you for saving Fifi’s life ! love & hugs,

Millie, Donna, Fifi, & family  XXX


Thank you for looking after Sheila.

Love, Lilly & Poppy


Dear Jana, Doug, & Team,

who so diligently, caringly, lovingly, courteously, & respectfully cared, tended, & treated our most beautiful “Effie” of 4Paws, but who later became the much loved Duchess. On her behalf, we say “Thank you”. May God bless each and every one of you, as you continue to care for all creatures, great & small. “In all hearts Effie will stay, forever & ever, day after day”.

Max & Tricia


October 2013

Dear Mark, Mel, Doug, and the entire team at Nicklin Way Vet,

We are so grateful for your prompt assessment, diagnosis, and timely management of Remus with pancreatitis, colitis, hypothyroidism… What a lemon the poor boy is! But we adore him and thank you all. He is going so well now.

Best wishes, Alison, Georgia, Madeline, and Remus  XX OO


To the wonderful ladies that worked on Sunday,

It wasn’t thanks to a miracle that you were there after hours to help Mikey. It was thanks to your care and commitment. We are very grateful for your quick willing response and professionalism.

Marco & Julia Figueiredo


September 2013

To the wonderful team at Nicklin Way Vet,

Thank you for your care of Tia and Dany over the years. Special mention to Mark and Doug on their sensitivity and kindness shown during the passing of Dany and Tia,

Deepest Gratitude, The McColl Family


July 2013

Dear Doug,

This is just a short note to express our appreciation for your treatment of Rolly (Rolex). Rolly is our pride and joy and had been suffering a few problems without improvement so we felt we would like a second opinion. We had no complaints about our previous veterinary service who always treated our “Rolly” and cat “Boof” with warmth and compassion but Rolly was not improving. You were recommended by our family friend, John Smith, and you have treated John’s Labrador and his previous Labrador over the years. We could not be more pleased with the results in that you have succeeded in curing her ear problem which has been very painful for Rolly for many years. You have just completed surgery on Rolly’s leg and she is recovering well but we particularly compliment you on the personal photograph and text message following surgery. The next day we had a phone call with full details and Rolly’s condition. This is excellent customer service for which we compliment you and your colleagues. We have gone to great lengths to promote your excellent service to our friends.

Regards, Peter Bryant

PS Rolly also sends her appreciation and “Boof” the cat is jealous and wants to know when she can experience your attention.


June 2013

Hi guys

Just a quick thank you to you for the house all on Wednesday.  A special thanks to Mel and Ang for their professionalism and empathy.

Hope to see you on a better note next time.

Thanks again Brior, Paddy, Tia and Leila.


May 2013

To all staff at Nicklin Way Vet.

Big special thanks to Stacey who looked after Charlee for so many years, also Doug who was kind to us in Charlee’s last moments.

Regards, Noel & Angela

PS  Thanks! Robin for your care


May 2013

Dear Mel, Doug, Jas, Sim, Sam, Keira, Kate, Robin, Belinda, Angela & team,

Thank you all so much for all your kindness & excellent care of my much loved fur kids! It gives me such peace of mind knowing that I have such a competent, caring, and generous team of people looking them when needed. You guys are the best!

Jodie, Lucy, Esme & kids, Dolly & Jaxon



Dear Dr Doug Gray and Staff,

I wish to thank all of you for your many years of caring of my dear sweet Ash who you put to rest for us on Monday.

The decision to put her down was so terrible stressing and heartbreaking, but knowing she was very old now (nearly 13yrs) and starting to show the pains of her cancer, were truly the signs to let her go in peace.

Doug, you are truly a wonderful caring Vet, and I have forever bragged about you to all my friends. The treatment you did for Ash, and even for our other dog Scout, who is still very healthily with us and a year older than Ash, just shows your outstanding ability as a Vet.

And hands down to all your wonderful staff, who are always smiling and performing like guardian angles when our special pets are not well.

Looking forward to Scouts annual checkups & shots so we can still say hello to your wonderful team!

Cheers, Laurie, JB and Scout


A big thank you to all our friends at Nicklin Way Vet Surgery.

The card that I received from you was so lovely. The Rainbow Bridge story will stay in my heart Forever. Lots of love to All,


PS  A special Thank-You to Stacy – for always being there for Carmen and also for me


March 2013

Here are some memories for you of our Little Baby Girl Toto.

We will miss and love her everyday. 

Lots of love to you all there for caring so much about our Daughter Toto. Means so much to us.


Justen & Karl & Tainan XXX


Dear Mel, Doug, Robin, Sam and all the staff (sorry I can’t remember everyone’s name)

It is hard to find the right words, but it is important for Yannis and I to express our sincere thanks to all of you.  Losing Max has bee very difficult, but knowing he was always in such good and caring and professional hands means so much to us.

Thank you for all you did for Max on each and every visit over the years and providing such wonderful care during the end of his life.

Thank you also for the kindness you have shown us too.  The card and book you sent were truly beautiful and very comforting.

Kind Regards

Wendy and Yannis


March 2013

To the staff at Nicklin Way Vets

Thank you for your kind attention to our much loved Mr Stafford.  He was our constant shadow.  He was one of a kind,loving, loyal and our best friend.  A tear is shed every day for our black pudd.

A special thank you to Doug, Melanie and Robyn.  You all knew him for the longest time of his 16 1/2 years.  He will never be forgotten.

Kind Regards

Barry and Val Dyason


Dear Grant & Girls

How do I find the words to express my appreciation for saving my little Poppy?  Your additional care and attention and mostly affection, goes beyond what is expected.  Its plain to see why you’re known as the best on the Sunny Coast!!

Terrie & Poppy


Dr Doug,

It’s a shame that it is only when we lose our loved ones that we reflect back on their lives and their carers and truly value people such as yourself and all the staff we have got to know. Tina and I went through a lot with you and with every hurdle she came bounding through it. We feel at peace knowing that there is nothing we would have done differently with her and most importantly she went out happy.

The staff at the surgery were so understanding, they let me do things at my pace on the day. First allowing me to take her or one last walk in the park and then after just letting me sit with her until I was ready to leave – after a time I realised I would never be ready to leave her and I got them to carry her out.

Tina meant the world to us, she showed love and devotion beyond comprehension and we still fell like she’s there beside us, looking up at us with her big brown eyes and her little tail wagging a hundred wags a minute. She was such a special girl and she charmed the hearts of everyone she met. We chose to have her cremated and we will be spreading her ashes along her favourite beach.

So here’s a big ‘Thank You’ to you and all the staff, we look forward to seeing you again

Kate and Darren Harvey.


Smooch Smith

Thank-you so much for looking after me.  Knowing that I am in the best of hands is a real relief for my family.  Now that I know what is wrong with me we can now fix it and I can live a happy life.  I would never want to go anywhere else.  Thanks again for making it such a great second home.

Love Smoochy

Thank-you everyone for what you have done for Smoochy.  The care and compassion you show towards animals is amazing.  It’s so lovely to walk in the door and be greeted with such friendly smiles and hugs by such a great team.  It sure makes those hard times seem much easier.

Love Natisha, Janelle, Neville and the rest of the family.