Preventative care helps your pet live a happier, healthier and longer life. Focusing on your pet’s wellness can improve their quality of life and save you money in the long run.

Preventative Care Plan Quatrant

What is it?

Based on the professional advice of our veterinarians, our care plans provide what you need to protect your pet for a full year and keep them happy and healthy.

  • Customised to suit your pet’s individual needs
  • Products delivered to your home or to our practice
  • Regular dosage reminders via SMS or email
  • Pay in budget –friendly monthly installments with no hidden costs

Affordable pet care

Our plans protect your pet.  Covering vaccination, flea and tick, worms and heartworm prevention (for dogs), we have the ‘big four’ covered to give your pet complete protection throughout the year.  Our Preventative Plans are designed to take the worry and financial stress out of basic preventative care for your furry family members and represent a significant saving on the services over the year.

Annual MembershipInitial Payment11 Monthly Direct Debit Payments
DOG (under 10 kg)$450.00$112.50$37.50
DOG (10.1 kg to 20 kg)$500.00$125.00$41.66
DOG (20.1 kg to 40 kg)$570.00$142.50$47.50
DOG (40.1 kg to 60kg)$650.00$162.50$54.16

NOTE: The Nicklin Way Preventative Plans include flea, tick and wormer treatments, providing a complete health care plan.  Many other preventative plans only provide a discount on these products.

What’s included?

Our plans protect your pet, covering the ‘big four’ and more, giving your pet complete protection.

  • Annual Health Check

    performed with vaccination

  • Yearly Vaccinations

  • Annual Heartworm Injection

    for dog preventative care plans

  • Flea and tick prevention

    delivered to your door

  • Wormer

    delivered to your door

  • SMS or email reminders for dosage

  • Pet dental check

    with qualified veterinary nurse

  • 10% off one diagnostic blood profile

  • 10% off diagnostic urinalysis

  • 10% off Royal Canin Pet Food

    in addition to the free bag loyalty offer


If you have any questions about our Preventative Care Plans, check out our FAQs below, give us a call on 5493 2655, or chat to us when you are next in the clinic.

What does my Preventative Care Plan include?

Preventative Care Plans offer a range of professional services and products tailored to your pet’s needs. The plan offerings can vary depending on your pet and our recommendations, so please talk to our practice staff to book your pet in for an examination to identify a plan that best suits your situation.

Does membership to Preventative Care Plans replace pet insurance?

No, Preventative Care Plans are a proactive preventative membership that is designed to keep your pet healthier and happier for longer. Pet insurance is designed primarily for illnesses and accidents.

How do I pay for my pet’s Preventative Care Plan?

When you choose a Preventative Care Plan for your pet in our practice, you have a choice of paying monthly or annually. For monthly payments, you will be required to complete a VetPay contract and payment will be processed monthly on your nominated credit or debit card. Please note that the VetPay Terms & Conditions will apply.

How long does my membership last?

Each Preventative Care Plan term is for 12 months. Memberships will automatically renew on your 12-month anniversary unless you cancel your plan membership. We will contact you before your Preventative Care Plans membership is due for renewal.

What happens if my pet passes away?

Contact the clinic immediately who will then contact VetPay via email to cease any further direct debits.

What if I move away, or otherwise cannot continue the Preventative Care Plan?

Your membership can only be cancelled by our practice staff notifying VetPay to cease direct debits. Please contact our practice to discuss cancellation.

How do I update my email address, home address or phone number?

Please contact our practice to update your details on your client record, which will also update them on your Preventative Care Plan.

How do I change my payment information?

Please contact VetPay directly on 1300 657 984 to update your payment details.

Can I join for less than 12 months?

No, Preventative Care Plans are designed as an annual package so that your pet can fully benefit from the membership.

How long am I obliged to make monthly payments?

You must sign up to the plan for a minimum of 12 months. Your Preventative Care Plan membership will automatically renew each year unless you contact us to cancel within 30 days of your 12-month anniversary.

What happens if I change my mind or cancel my membership?

VetPay will only cancel direct debits by request from our practice. You may be required by our practice to pay the remainder of your membership fee, or the full retail value for products or services used your less membership fees paid, whichever is less. If you have paid more towards your membership than you have received in your plan’s value, you may be eligible for a refund. If your plan value received is greater you’re your membership fees paid,  cancellation will result in fees payable as above. Please contact us to discuss cancellation.

Can I transfer my membership to another pet?

No, each membership is tailored to the individual pet and cannot be transferred between pets.

Can I transfer my Preventative Care Plan membership to another veterinary practice?

No, you will need to cancel your membership at our practice and if your new vet practice of choice offers Preventative Care Plans, you will need to set up new plans with them. Please note that Preventative Care Plan inclusions will vary between veterinary practices.

Nicklin Way Preventative Care Plan