Thank you…

…to all the staff at Nicklin Way Vet Surgery.  My cat Burma has a new lease on life since he was in there with you and is like the kitten he used to be.

Much love, Bec and Burma

Dear Doug and Staff

Thank you all so much for the loving care and attention you all gave to our dear Spike – We sincerely thank you for giving us 12 months after we took him to Christina to be euthanized.  The flowers we received from you this morning are beautiful, thank you.  Len, Joan, Chrissy and Princess

To Mel, Richelle, nurses and reception staff

Thank you all so much for your care & kindness to my lovely Lilly and me during a very sad time.

To Mel, Craig and all who cared for Jackson,

Peter and I would like to thank you all for the care and compassion you showed our boy. He will be greatly missed.

Thank you.

Dear Christina and all the team

No words can thank you enough for the love, care, and compassion that you gave Freckles. It meant a lot to me. She has left a huge void in my heart that will never be replaced but knowing she had the best care and was loved has given me comfort. Thank you also for the care & compassion shown to me during her sudden passing and the lovely card I received.

So from the bottom of my heart a big THANK YOU.

To Mel, Doug, Jana, Belinda, Robin and all the staff,

We cannot ‘Thank You’ enough for the love and care that you have given to Bonnie over the last 12 years. The last couple of months have been very tough for us since finding out that Bonnie was sick. The kindness and empathy you gave her was amazing. It has been an extremely emotional few days since we had to say our goodbyes to our gorgeous girl. It truly was one of the hardest things we have ever had to do. ‘Thank you’ for allowing us to spend as long as we needed to be with her….that meant so much to us. She was one in a million & leaves a huge void in our lives.

X with the fondest regards, Bonnie’s family

Dear Nicklin Way Vets

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all that you have done to help our cat Sunny recover from her dreadful injury. We couldn’t have wished for a vet practice who are so passionate, skilled, caring and understanding. From the moment I called Doug on that Tuesday evening looking for a vet to perform the emergency procedure, I felt that she was going to be in the best care possible. The daily phone calls, and the text message updates were very sweet and helped to calm our worries. Sunny has always been nervous and twitchy so it was important we took her to such a great vet. We really hope you take great pleasure and satisfaction in your jobs because everyone of you deserves all the credit you get.

All the best, and we will update you on Sunny’s progress in future.

Dear Mel

thank you for the care and attention you gave Roxy and your beautiful surgical skills. They were greatly appreciated!

X Roxy’s family

A thank you note from Inca

I loved to run on the beach and swim in the sea, I just loved having fun – that was me! I had a couple of besties – Reggie and Bella. They were smaller than me but we used to hang out and of course, we’d get out and about. Oh and guess what, I got my picture in the Daily talking to my cow friends, Corabel and Bailey. Dr Mel operated when a stick pierced my mouth. Lots of pills and potions helped me heal no doubt. Then last year I got the biggest fright when Dr Mel said to me I had pancreatitis!! She got to work and used all her skills. Thank goodness I had insurance to pay all the bills. I loved all the nurses – Belinda and Robin too. This is just to say a big THANK YOU for helping me through.

Dear Doug

We thank you and Keira wholeheartedly for attending Tara’s home for her last treatment. We like to think that everything we did for her was for her comfort and not our convenience, which is why we asked you to come to her. As much as she received loving care at the surgery, going to it was a distressing and anxious time for her – hence the little sweaty paw marks on the examination bench. She could be a feisty and difficulty patient for you and the staff, well deserving her RED FLAG status! But we are sure you all understood it just to be her reaction to an alien environment. She mellowed in her later years, which would have been her understanding she was in caring hands. There is absolutely no doubt in our mind that her longevity was due in large measure to your brilliant idea of the Prednisolone paste treatment. She didn’t like the taste but we have no doubt she would have liked the fact that her vomiting episodes were pushed from every two or three days to every two or three months. In fact, we think she could make that connection between having the paste and her subsequent wellness. When administering the paste to Tara, not once did she hiss, claw or struggle – she was an angel. You and your team deserve the awards you have received for how you conduct your care of animals. We have said to each other on many occasions that we were blessed to find our way to your surgery. We are sure Tara would have concurred with that view.

Thank you all so very much.