Midnight’s Weight Loss Success

Midnight’s weight loss success proves that cats can successfully lose weight with her owners delighted to report that she is more active and playful since losing the weight.Midnight is an 8 and a half year old domestic short hair cat. When she came in for a routine vaccination at almost 7 years of age, her vet at Nicklin Way Veterinary Surgery assessed her body condition as being quite overweight for her petite frame, weighing in at 7 .5 kg!

A recommended weight of 5kg initially appeared as a real challenge however with visits to the Weight Loss Clinic nurse at Nicklin Way Veterinary Surgery and a prescribed diet for weight loss, Midnight is now much closer to her goal weight, with a current weight of 5.46 kg.

The prescribed diet, Royal Canin Feline Satiety, meets all nutritional requirements while having a perfectly proportioned blend of both soluble and insoluble fibre that help Midnight to feel satisfied while still losing weight. Midnight’s owners have shown great patience and discipline in sticking to the recommendation. The results of a gradual loss of 27.2% is their reward as well as a longer lifespan and reduced anaesthetic risk for their much loved pet.

Examples of diseases that overweight pets are prone to are osteoarthritis, cardiac disease, diabetes, and poor skin and coat quality. Midnight is now much less likely to suffer from these now that she is almost at her ideal weight compared to when she weighed 7.5 kg.

If you would like your pet to achieve a healthy weight, please give the clinic a call on 5493 2655 to book a consultation with the Weight Loss Clinic nurse, Belinda. She has had 9 years experience in helping pets achieve and maintain a healthy weight. Weight loss consultations are free of charge.

Midnight’s Journey