Robin Collett – Senior Receptionist

Robin is a qualified Veterinary Nurse but prefers working on Reception as she enjoys chatting to all the people and their pets when they come in to see a vet.  Robin has worked for the Nicklin Way Veterinary Surgery for 11 years, which is longer than any other member of staff!  She has seen the practice grow, change and develop and knows many of our clients and their pets very well by now.

Robin loves working closely with animals and being able to share with clients the highs and the lows that come with having a pet in their lives. Although Robin has been a vet nurse for so long, she says dealing with very sick pets or those that pass away never gets any easier.  But the happy times in between get you through and she always remember that ‘life is what you make it’.

Robin has a big family including a 3 year old Bull Terrier called “Matilda” and “Steffi”, a rescued Burmese cat from Four Paws Animal Rescue. Robin enjoys going to the beach,camping, walking, reading and listening to good music.

Quote from Robin “A home is not the same without them”


Belinda Turnbull – Veterinary Receptionist

Belinda joined our clinic in March 2009 after finally realising her dream to work in a veterinary clinic.  Previously, she had studied literature and Podiatry and even owned a successful retail business on the coast for 12 years.  Belinda completed her Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing in December 2012.

Belinda gets great joy from working with animals and is kept on her toes by the variety that a career in the veterinary industry presents.  The weight loss clinic is Belinda’s special project as she feels that this contributes so much to the wellbeing of our pets.

The challenge of working as a  veterinary nurse and receptionist while raising 2 kids is considerable, but feeling that she is part of a team that makes a difference to pets and their owners more than makes up for that.   When not at work, Belinda is often walking “Woody” a 9 year old spaniel X, who never says no to a walk.  Other pets that join Belinda’s household are “Valerie”, a 3 yr old rescue cat from Four Paws Animal Rescue and a tank full of tropical fish completes the picture.  One day Belinda hopes to own a bearded dragon. She is looking forward to participating in a vet nursing volunteer project in the Himalayas where she will spend several weeks assisting an animal charity with dog desexings and rabies vaccinations.

Megan Lenske – Veterinary Receptionist

Megan joined our team in 2013.  She completed her Certificate IV in Veterinary Science before having her two children.

Megan has two 4 Paws Rescue dogs that she has fostered and adopted, and loves taking them for “W’s” (code for “walk”!).  She loves the interaction with both the clients and their animals.

In her time off Megan loves camping, bushwalking and crafting.