Keira Potter – Veterinary Nurse

Keira has worked at the Nicklin Way Veterinary Surgery since 2006, starting as a kennel hand working after school to help clean and feed patients during their stay in hospital. Having finished school, she now works full time at the surgery. Keira is working towards finishing her Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing.

Keira has always loved animals and has always known that a career in the animal industry was the only way to go. Everyday she enjoys learning about the different medical conditions, broadening her knowledge in reproduction, caring for and helping the animals and most of all being paid to give them love and cuddles!

During her spare time Keira enjoys keeping fit at the gym, traveling the world and all the Sunshine Coast has to offer from the beach to the waterfalls in the hinterland! For company, Keira has a toy poodle called “Ella”, a Great Dane cross Mastiff called “Dozer”, a Four Paws rescued Chihuahua called “Piggy” and a hand raised rescue cat called “Jerimiah”.

Quote from Keira: “An animal’s eyes have the power to speak a great language”

Jasmin Cooper – Veterinary Nurse

Jasmin started nursing in 2000 after returning from college in England. She has a wide knowledge of nursing in both mixed and small animal practices. Jasmin’s special interest in animal reproduction has lead to her producing a successful reproductive service at Nicklin Way Vet Surgery. Jasmin is now Head Reproduction Nurse and works closely with Breeders from all over Queensland, from Gladstone to south Brisbane!

In her spare time Jasmin enjoys trips up the beach in her 4WD, boat trips over to Tangalooma and attending dog shows! Jasmin has a horse called Phil, an Irish sport horse who loves trail rides, going to the beach and show jumping.


Holly Wynn – Veterinary Technician

My love for animals, all shapes and sizes, developed early – around the same time as my speech.  The words “Mummy” and “Daddy” were soon accompanied by the words “horsey” & “doggy”.  I have an incredibly soft spot for the stray, sick and unwanted which often leads me to adopting or fostering animals, AND in a lot of trouble with my fiance, Leon.   He’s yet to find a stray Harley Davidson to adopt.  Currently we have a beautiful horse (Xeina), a maltese dog (Lucy – originally a stray), a maltese-x-silky (Storm), a ragdoll cat (Roger, also a stray) and a bantam rooster (Malcom, another stray!).   It’s lucky we live on acreage!

My nursing career started after high school in a small animal clinic.  I then went on to complete a degree in Veterinary Technology at University of Queensland, Gatton campus.

Other hobbies and interests of mine include sports; oztag, muay thai kick boxing, yoga, hip hop and Latin dancing, camping, and I’m trying to learn skateboarding from Leon who’s a skateboarding coach.  It’s a very slow process.  In the future I hope to own our own acreage block and continue on to a hobby farm (shh…don’t tell Leon).

Sheree Mengel – Veterinary Nurse

Details coming soon…

Carla Jesberg – Veterinary Nurse

Carla has spent the last 10 years working as a stewardess in the Luxury Private yachting industry where she traveled the world providing the highest level of service to the rich and famous.

After jumping ship and settling down back in Australia, Carla decided to focus her energy on her true passion for animals by studying to attain her Certificate IV in Veterinary nursing in 2015. Carla first joined us as a work experience student in 2015 and has now joined our team as a certified nurse.

In her spare time Carla loves to swim and would love to further her studies in animal behaviour.

Katarina Fossey – Veterinary Nurse

Since a young age Katarina has always had a passion for animals. After finishing school she worked at Australia Zoo as a keeper for a number of years prior to starting her career as a veterinary nurse. She completed her Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing at the end of 2014.

Katarina has a German Pointer cross Weimaraner called Yamba. In her spare time she loves scuba diving, spending time at the beach, adventuring and volunteering for the Coolum Coast Care Turtle Group. Katarina loves her job as a veterinary nurse and is very happy to have joined such an amazing team of Vets and Nurses at Nicklin Way Veterinary Surgery.

Lauren Bauer – Veterinary Nurse

Lauren always knew she had a calling to work with animals, even if it didn’t happen straight away. Having animals in her life since she was born and constantly rescuing lorikeets, rabbits, cats and dogs off the streets in suburban Sydney, it was really only a matter of time before she acknowledged the signs that she was destined to work in this industry. After a few years exploring other avenues she knew she had to follow her heart and was lucky enough to begin the journey in 2013. Lauren loves every aspect of vet nursing, learning something new every day and looks forward to advancing her experience in this career. She couldn’t imagine doing anything else and absolutely loves being able to work with animals. Lauren believes that the best part of the job is helping our patients get better and watching our furry friends going home to their loved ones. Lauren loves how rewarding vet nursing as a career can be and is so thrilled and excited to have joined the Nicklin Way Veterinary Surgery team.

During her spare time Lauren enjoys getting outdoors! Be it out in the water surfing, under the water scuba diving, horse riding or exercising her beloved Border Collie, Charlie. Lauren and Charlie are Story Dog volunteers, and go and visit schools where the children read lots of weird and wonderful books to Charlie who is an extremely good listener!

Alexandra Locke – Veterinary Nurse

Alex joined the Nicklin Way Vet Surgery team in April 2017 after relocating from Brisbane. Her passion for animals began at a young age and saw her study Veterinary Technology at the University of Queensland, Gatton and in 2014 she completed her Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing.

In her spare time Alex is enjoying living back on the coast and spending time at the beach with her Border Collie Billy, and being around friends and family!

Alex is excited at the opportunity to further expand her skills at the clinic and is grateful to be a part of such an amazing team!

Kayla Hobbs – Trainee Veterinary Nurse

Kayla has always had a love for animals and has always been very interested in being able to help and care for them so a career in this industry seemed the best fit. Kayla is currently studying her Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing as well as her Bachelor of Veterinary Technology.

Kayla is currently training as a Veterinary Nurse at Nicklin Way Vet Surgery but also works part time at a surf shop. Kayla has 2 dogs of her own at home an Australian Shephard and a Staffordshire bull terrier but has also owned a variety of other animals including birds, guinea pigs and cats. In her spare time Kayla enjoys spending time at the beach, surfing, camping, being with friends and family and travelling.

Ashleigh Young – Kennel Hand

Ashleigh has worked at the Nicklin Way Veterinary Surgery since 2012 when she completed 1 week of school based work placement. Ever since then Ashleigh has spent most of her weekends helping the clinic stay clean and helping with caring for the patients. Ashleigh is currently studying at USC completing her degree in nursing.

During her spare time Ashleigh likes to spend time enjoying the amazing food the sunshine coast has to offer and spending time with family and friends! For company, Ashleigh has a Shih Tzu cross called Lily!

Morgan Creighton – Kennel Hand

Morgan started working with us in 2016 as our Kennel hand. She has always had a fascination and deep love for all living creatures and has completed her Certificate II in Animal Studies working at a previous clinic. Morgan has a little cat of her own named Gizmo who has a heart condition.

Morgan is now enrolled in her first year at the University of the Sunshine Coast where she is completing a Bachelor in Nursing science so she can one day help heal and care for people that need it.